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About Scituate Riding School

Welcome to Scituate Riding School, where passion for equestrian excellence meets the beauty of riding. Established by Cherise Madrid after studying care and riding under USDF Gold Medalist Rita Brown for many years. We have a deep commitment to fostering a love for horses and providing top-notch equestrian services, Scituate Riding School is more than just a stable – it's a community of riders, trainers, and equine enthusiasts.

Our Program

At Scituate Riding School, we offer a range of carefully crafted
programs to cater to every rider's unique journey.


Great for getting started.


Includes in bronze:

  • Access to 4 to riding lessons per month

  • Access to 2 unmounted horsemanship courses per month

  • Custom trello card detailing your riders progress and goals

  • Access to welcoming barn community


Getting a little more serious.


Everything in bronze plus:

  • Access to 4 additional for a total of 8 riding lessons per month

  • Unlock Host Your Birthday Party at Scituate Riding School


This is my sport.


Everything in silver plus:

  • Access to 4 additional riding lessons per month for a total of 12 riding per month

  • Unlock 4 practice rides per month provided you are level Green or higher

Gold Boarding

Individualized care for your horse.



Everything in Gold Boarding:

  • Full indoor and outdoor with excellent quality, well cared for footing

  • Beautiful indoor 22 stall barn with multiple wash and grooming stalls and heated tack room and bathroom through winter

  • Professional level care with years of experience caring for upper level sport horses

  • Individual full day turnout

  • Access to Excellent Vet and Farrier care

  • Options for discounts if horse needs working and is able to be used in lessons or owner is interested in working in the barn!


Camp series for those young equestrians looking for a multiple day intensive summer course.



Everything in CAMP SRS:

  • 5 Opportunities run though June for 5 days of equine fun!

  • 2-3 young equestrians a week will get a chance to learn the ins and outs of horse care

  • The small group will learn the basics of day to day barn procedures

  • Great experience in getting kids to understand the value of caring for the animal

  • Kids will come out of the program understanding how much equestrians have to work to maintain their equine partners

Our Gallery

Dive into the joyful world of Scituate Riding School through our vibrant photo gallery!

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Where Riding Dreams Take Flight: Step into the
world of Scituate Riding School!

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29 Longmeadow Road, Scituate MA, 02066

(781) 664-7304


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